On the behalf of the Organizing Committee of ISMEC 2014, we wish you a very warm welcome to our website.

The site will be amplified and extended in the next few months so as to provide all the information you may need before we all meet for the opening ceremony of the symposium, next June.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

052 mod Raffaela Biesuz (Chair)





         and the ladies of the organizing committee



What is ISMEC ? Where does it come from?

1974: First meeting of the annual congress, in Italy, of the “Gruppo di Termodinamica dei Complessi” (GTC).

1988: Extended to Spanish participants, with meetings in alternate years in Italy and Spain (Italian-Spanish or Spanish-Italian congress on the Thermodynamics of Metal Complexes, (ISMEC or SIMEC).

2010: Participation was widened again and the name was changed to “International Symposium on Metal Complexes”.

ISMEC 2014 will be the 41st meeting in the series as a whole, the 5th in its most recent incarnation.

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